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Our School


Our school is designed to meet the modern needs of students from and around Whorouly.

We have spacious grounds that encourage organic, free play. This includes making cubbies, garden crafts, accessing the school vegetable patch and imaginative play such as ‘Trucks and Farms’ in the sand area.

We have structured spaces such as the playground, fully covered basketball court, down ball wall and bat-tennis courts.

Indoors, we have retained the original school building which is the now the Senior Room.

We secured a full-school fit out to modernise and connect our Junior Room, Office, Staff Preparation Area, Staffroom and Specialist Rooms into bright, modern spaces that support learning.

We have exceptional ICT and computer provisions. We have a PC for every student, Laptops and Netbooks, a bank of iPad and Interactive Whiteboards in each classroom. We also have a wealth of new iLearning Tools, such as digital microphones, cameras, recording boxes and much more.

Our curriculum is based around strong delivery of Literacy and Numeracy. We also create units of curiousity that are explored each term. We support a varied specialist program that includes LOTE (Italian), Art, Science and Library and Music. Our school is also a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden School.

Below are some further reading about our school 

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