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Administration of Medication Policy March 2020.pdf881.24 Kb
Anaphylaxis - Policy November 2019.pdf825.36 Kb
Asthma Policy November 2020.pdf841.81 Kb
Attendance - Policy.pdf805.91 Kb
Camps and Excursions Policy October 2019.pdf795.83 Kb
Cash Handling - Policy February 2020.pdf761.88 Kb
Communication with School Staff - Policy Sept 2019.pdf608.64 Kb
Complaints Policy Sept 2019.pdf744.6 Kb
Digital Technologies Policy March 2020.pdf729.68 Kb
Electronic Funds Management Policy March 2020.pdf776.61 Kb
First Aid Policy November 2019.pdf763.35 Kb
Fundraising - Policy February 2020.pdf778.05 Kb
Health Care Needs Policy March 2020.pdf757.01 Kb
Medication Authority Form Whorouly Primary School.pdf862.18 Kb
Mobile Phones Policy December 2019.pdf916.73 Kb
Photographing, Filming and Recording Students Policy March 2020.pdf785.16 Kb
School Purchasing Card Policy March 2020.pdf749.82 Kb
Schools-Privacy-Policy-English February 2020.pdf229.49 Kb
Statement of Values and School Philosophy - Aug 2019.pdf744.08 Kb
Student Dress Code Policy 2020.pdf828.84 Kb
Student Dress Code Policy.pdf726.77 Kb
Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy 2020.pdf808.93 Kb
SunSmart Policy.pdf646.4 Kb
Visitors Policy September 2019.pdf913.59 Kb
Volunteers - Policy September 2019.pdf868.3 Kb
WPS - Essential Items 2021.pdf741.09 Kb
Yard Duty and Supervision Policy November 2020.pdf783.44 Kb

Child Safe Policies

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Bullying Prevention Policy August 2019.pdf784.11 Kb
CHILD SAFE POLICY Standard 2 August 2019.pdf639.63 Kb
Child SAFE POLICY Standard 3 August 2019.pdf733.55 Kb
Child Safe Standard 1 WPS.pdf719.26 Kb
Child Safe Standard 4 WPS.pdf1.19 Mb
Child Safe Standard 7 WPS.pdf651.94 Kb
Child Safety Responding and Reporting Policy and Procedures May 2019.pdf847.1 Kb
ChildSafe Standard 6 RiskAssessment.pdf200.68 Kb
Duty of Care Policy August 2019.pdf711.61 Kb
Privacy-Policy.pdf105.76 Kb